Customer Service

The reliability of one internet company always goes through the quality customer support offered. Sometimes the companies hamper their ways to the top while neglecting the importance of the customer service!

Promotion of Good Relations

There is no customer on the planet who may want to receive bad service but still receive the “thing” s/he paid for. Especially not in 21 century. I’ve seen a lot of people who used to be calm and patient with the service people – yes, used to be. No, most of them are finical and demanding, more than the normal :). I am not even sure what caused this change.

The best thing for a company – and the web companies in particular – is to say loudly that it is offering quality service and the customer – client relations are the most important thing. If we talk like this to our customers, our customer service employees will start thinking this was and with the accurate man management and vision, each company can be an example to follow.

The problem is that from one side we have more and more demanding clients and on the same side, there are people who want to be demanding but in attempting to save time and nerves they sometimes skip the part with the customer service representatives.

Demand Responsibility

The in-house training for employees is the part I really like, as I have been through different training approaches so many times that (I’m not really a professional) I started to think that the problem is not in me, but in the trainees and their starting point and behavior. Yes, you may say this is not fair from my side but I think that the right way of successful team building is to ask your employees and customer service representatives to be more responsible and act like the business they are taking care of is not only their own business, but that the clients can rely only on them and their help.

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