Hosting Service Explanation – Do we always miss something important?!

The recent months did not showed some special trend or development of the hosting industry which may lead us to an extraordinary conclusion of the future. And I am not that selfish to hide some vision if I had such :). There are no any significant changes or supernova technologies that may take us to another level. There are not even new ideas in web hosting business – there are just some improvements, some new promotions, some hosts going mad with overselling model, some clients keeping their search for the cheapest host…there are few more.

What is web hosting about

There is something that is really differentiating the web hosting as service from the other services – the impossibility to determine the quality of the rendered service and the on-going non adequate model of offerings. There are not so many companies that offer any kind of service (but same) and have differences in the quality, the prices, the features.

Just imagine 3 different tourist agencies offer the same cruise from point A to point B, with same ship and same cabins but for different prices. The same applies to all the services and even to internet. If you are to offer something varying from your competitor, then try to explain the difference s you have.

Have you even seen something like this in web hosting business? I did not! I see big companies, small companies, mediocre web hosts offering the same, or even something “better” – same web hosting plans with different prices. Of course to top it all – here comes the big ‘overselling’ daddy.

It seems to me, that the web hosting companies are not trying to show their clients that the service they offer are reliable and quality but they compete their prices with the other web hosts, that is really annoying for the hosting seekers because, I see that in the forums, people are so confused when they have to compare companies, prices and features, that they start to hate it all. And here is where the “most cheapest host” fans are born – but that is another story.

In the end – web hosting is something people need to show other people, that they exist, that they have business and that they want to get connected. I really don’t see that in the efforts of the web hosting companies.

Do we care about the Customer

Of course, yes! How would be the next questions. What do we do to make them and keep them happy. There is a phrase saying that there are no perfect web hosts, there are only hosts that are perfect for us. I agree with this, with one remark – the relations between the hosts and the clients are the thing that can make any host the perfect one – the attitude of its employees and the vision of its owners.

Lets say a web host is having some problems with their hardware or software, and this comes on almost daily basis. There are customers that will notice the issue and will immediately address it to the customer support of the respective web host. From here we have 2 ways – the client is happy after the support resolved the matter quickly or ti did not helped and the client is not happy.

There are people who are not content to have fairly bad service with good and helpful customer support, others are OK with this and may stay with the host for a long as they know the attitude and help they receive is exceeding the industry standards or they just got used to this host.

The standards are the problem – the missing standards are really problematic because the individual expectations cannot be never met and offering something ambiguous is more welcomed by the hosting companies, rather than fulfilling some industry standards.

What service we offer

We only offer what the customer is paying or at some point, what the customer expects – if you have some exacting and demanding client you will be more willing to give good service – if the customers only pays and does not expect anything particular, then the whole point is moved in other direction.

Price of marketing the web hosting

The most rough and inadequate market is the web hosting one. If you want to market your web hosting service you will need – a lot of money and nerves and a lot of time to find the right niche and places to expose your services.

There is no industry like web hosting and there is no business like web hosting!

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