Global Changed in the Virtualization Market May Reflect The Web Hosting Business

Global Changed in the Virtualization Market May Reflect The Web Hosting Business

It has became evident in the past year that a big problem arises in the web hosting niche – the inevitability and impossibility of the hosting marketeers to find a way to constantly and successfully promote their services in a new way. Why is that? It has a lot of roots – but the main one I think should be the saturation of the shared hosting market.

It leads and is provoked by other symptomatic consequences such:

Shared Hosting is Not Enough

Yes, more and more customers are becoming dissatisfied with the way companies run their shared environments and the quality of the provided services. With the growth of the internet as whole, the web inhabitants are starting to be disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of responsibility from the shared web hosting and need change, or at least more reliability, same functionality, and in times of global financial crisis – fair charges for the service they need.

Limited Opportunities

A shared hosting platform offers limited resources, limited software sets, limited ways of development and website growth.

Technological Edge and Prospect

Yet to be crowned world’s leader, the virtual hosting will sooner, rather than later, be the best possible choice of all the working-on-the-web people (whose number increasingly goes up). Why I say this – well, shared hosting cannot prove me wrong for the simple reason, companies have profit – but they forget to improve.

The hardware models we see have been introduced in the recent years have shown, the need of software development in a different direction. Optimized products, made to work for special types of users or developers, totally dedicated platforms or virtual environments that give the end consumer room for making changes and improvements.

The Parallels Summit, currently running in Las Vegas is the next prove, the things are not going so well for the so called ‘good, old fashioned shared web hosting companies’. We see also, that companies like Microsoft or Amazon, and Google in the past months are showing more interest in this business.

The people who work and develop virtual technologies are another step forward once more – they are talking about something the classic hosts are always missing (on purpose) – Standardization of the Services.

Having a hardware technological standards, made to be combined with software standardized platforms, it seems to me that the provision of low and high end services will make more sense and will provide the same quality. Something that we are not willing to bet on now.

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