Service Outsourcing vs Service Quality

Service Outsourcing vs Service Quality

More and more companies are deciding to move their call and support personnel to a third country. This is not just a tendency but is likely being inspired by the global recession and the economical difficulties of the western economies.

There is a real chance if you are employed by mid-sized software or web service provider to start looking for a new job. The companies are once again looking east to outsource their call centers and customer support. Some even start of deploying the service totally from countries where the costs are a lot more less than they are paying for maintaining the business.

Is there a really big difference?

When the companies started originally to outsource their call and support staff in the mid 90′, it was not any big issue, as people did not have any notion what can this mean to them. For the public this is more a pure investment, rather than anything provoked by the running costs of a company.

Well, that’s the way it was. After some 2-3 years, the usual web service consumer started to differentiate the current position with the one s/he was upright. The possible incompetence of the local support and the lack of dedication against the eventual knowledge and fast support coming from the outsources agencies.

Or, the same eventual knowledge but lack of enough English language knowledge or strange accent as an obstacle for normal communication, which may be a problem for the customers and turn their backs and seek for another service provider.

The customer wants the job done, not the job personified.

I think that most of the people really don’t care if the phone rings in UK or Indonesia, as long as their problem is solved quickly and without further explanation. Furthermore, the cultural differences may bring something positive to the outsourced support – kindness, dedication to the problem, even more professional attitude and extra help you may not receive by a local support staff.

Making the outsourced support works as local.

Hard to do but, if you have strict rules and company norms, I doubt the company will fail to succeed. Of course, having the call and support services outsourced and the technical staff locally, you risk to have lots of miscommunicated issues and delays, but with a decent system of exchanging messages and prioritizing the arisen problems it may be even better way to do business.

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One Response to “Service Outsourcing vs Service Quality”

  1. That’s true! There’s like a call center boom here in the Philippines and it continues to expand even with the global recession. Prices are really much affordable in the eastern countries (including laboor) so it’s no wonder many investors choose our side of the planet for their venture.

    Still, pity those who have been left by their fellow countrymen.

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