Hosting the Clouds and Hosting in the Clouds

Hosting the Clouds and Hosting in the Clouds

What would the best way to be in front of the technological evolution – of course you need to follow it. In recent days, everybody is talking about something that may either help the hosting industry take the right way or to further put it in the overselling hole in went on few years back.

The new technological edge is coming through our door and we have to see it, at least we have to figure if we can follow the revolutionary ways to produce more, to use less, to gain more.

What I am talking about? Cloud computing, load balancing, system clustering or whatever you want to call it. The important thing here is that we have to stop talking about the traditional server systems, the way we know them and continue our vision into new direction.

Systematic improvement leads to constant and progressive increase of profit and sales – of course if the right measures are taken and the right amount of money are spent.

And I am not saying that this is valid for the web hosting industry only – no, this applies to all web processes and business initiatives. The modern web presence will require us to have quality services, market orientated prices and model that will allow us to give the consumer the best available services he can get. And this will be possible of the wrong overselling model is gone.

The cloud computing technologies enable the web hosting companies to provide more quality and adequate pricing and in the same time more flexibility in terms of offerings richness, almost zero time for reaction, security, scalability and customization processes.

Of course, the involvement when you want to have a stable system are bigger than just renting few machines and make them overcrowded as Beijing. You need to have the right business plan and the necessary investments to reach the level of the new hosting models.

What can go wrong?

– the prices of such technologies will push forward only the bigger companies and will ‘eat’ the small ones (which may be a good thing after all)
– the overselling model may be fully integrated into the ‘clouds’.
– the new model may increase the prices and change the customers reaction and thinking
– this model may make the Virtual Private Server hosting disappear or just be invaluable

Why cannot be wrong?

– the service quality will be outstanding compared to what we know now.
– the reliability and the risk are not that high and its not even presumable in some cases
– will change the meaning of ‘You get what you pay for’ in a positive way
– will decrease the needs of constant technical support
– you cannot use loss-leading strategies to sell the product

The reversing parts of this post’ title means the different ways of comprehending the cloud computing and the reflection over the web hosting industry – it can be both influential and discouraging. The good thing is that with those new technologies, we may bring and new models of customer behaviour and expectations as well as morality of the industry players – in the end, its all business.

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