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This page includes useful information on what is domain name, how we can get one, what is important when choosing the domain. Where to buy the domain from, which are the best selling companies, what are the best prices. Probably why there are so many domain extensions (e.g. .com. .net, .org) and what we can do to promote our web site using the name of our domain.

I remember, it was back in 1998 when I could not imagine what to do with my life and wanted to try something from everything (I mean in a technological way 😉 ), so I thought I can be a programmer so I started with HTML and did a simple presentation website for a friend of mine. The times were very unpredictable so I did not know where to publish the website or how to get web hosting for it (I knew what that means) so I went for free web hosting on 3rd level domain, which was not that bad as the site that gave me the space was a well known web portal, by the means of the early stages of local portals.

I stopped there with my coding practice and got back to it, but only as user who can change something if needed, where I started to work for the web hosting company I have experience with. There I learned what is the importance of the domain names and why we should buy one and have it for life.

To have a personal domain name is something that every modern man should have. In 200o it was already very hard to collect and register a decent domain if you want it to have a real sense. Where to start from, my last name, the company’s name or something else that may describe what I like and what I do?

Then, me and another friend, we decided to go and make some lifestyle web magazine and started with the making of the concept of it. It was not hard as there were lots of magazines out there so you just need to pick those that you like and take the positives.

We did that, then wanted to come up with a domain that can be popular and sounds good in every country and language. This was the hard part because most of the good domains were taken already. It was some word play when we came with Inside Magazine – the meaning was to have something that will say the people what our goals are. Anyway – it was done but in the end everything felt as he wanted to finish his education abroad and the project was frozen. I did not even wanted to register the domain as could not see any practical use if it will just stay unused.

3 years ago, I decided to register it as I saw what is happening with the domain name industry. But for my regret, the .com domain was already taken. The people never used it but it was not mine. I said to myself that in the end, it does not matter the extension as but .com and .net are popular and the .net is far more abstract in terms of what you can do with it.

The problem is that most of the people know from friends, family and web that .com is the most popular and if you want to have a success, go for .com. The other thing is that even if your domain is popular, there will be lots of people who will type .com after the name of your website and eventually will be taken to someone else’s web page, which causes you  not only missed visitors but messed individuality.

But, there are so many exceptions out there so I decided to go and use this domain for my blog anyway and see what will happen and how the things will start.

These were long opening words for the theme Domain Names so I think I need to start. What about the domain name registrars – they are so many, so different, the prices are confusing, what to do if you cannot consider where to go.

The thing with the domain names is that the price is not determinative as each domain registrar/registry/reseller can set its own price and the quality of the domain cannot be changed. But there are still a lot of domain registrars, and big ones that offer quite high, but the people still prefer to go and pay $40 for example for a dot com domain, when there are places you can have one for under $10.

The domain registrars have several ways to sell their domains:

– giving a reselling opportunities with some commission

– offering the domain as part of other big or different product

– selling the domain all by themselves

It depends on how big the seller is and what is the market strategy it prefers. There is nothing destructive in the price range actually, because if a person makes a simple search on the offerings, it is very easy to determine how the best and how is overpricing.

I also prefer not to go into deep and try to give tips or steps on how to choose the right domain name for your company. It is something very individual and there are no some special philosophical procedures – just pick a name you like, keep it expressive and short if possible. Then its all about the promotion of the website.

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