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Here, I will talk about some web hosting companies, what has impressed me and why you would choose those to host your business or personal web sites. This page is dedicated to the web hosts, with small reviews on their services and reputation.

I am not sure how to start. Probably I will have to say something about my thoughts and experience from the web hosting business at all. At least you will realize why am I doing this.

Well, I started working for a web hosting company seven years ago. It was a new, young and ambitious web host, who was trying to get into the not that saturated market we have now. Back in year 2000, the things were not that complicated and there was a place for everybody. You know that there are a number of big companies and you want to be one of them. Now – it is just impossible to start and become a “player” if you do not have a huge amount of free money or someone to invest in your ideas.

It is understandable that this is very hard, you need a lot of luck to find a spot and get there. From what I have learned in the past years is that, there is only one important thing you need to follow – consistency, more or less, if you want to be in Top 50 in the Google results for “web hosting” or what ever you have chosen to optimize, you will need to have a clear, and hopefully working marketing strategy. Internet gives the freedom to choose from and use millions of different ways to promote your business, some are paid, some free – you just need to start from somewhere.

From my point of view, it is enough to stay it the web hosting business, for not more than 3 years and you will be able to see, who’s who, what companies are more aggressive in their market strategies, who’s paying hell of a money for advertising, who’s using loss leading strategies on regular basis, who’s overselling shameless etc.

Another thing that all potential web hosting customers need to know is the reputation of a host, how honest their policy is, are you going to get what you have paid for, are you paying more or less, why some web hosting companies have bad reputation but they are still part of the “Top”.

The other side of the coin are the web hosting directories, the web hosting forums and the bloggers who are supporting the web hosting business. It is not any surprise that most of the web hosts have, own, produce their circle of actors in order to help them in chasing new clients.

You can see a lot of marks showing the new “web hosting streams” and which ones are the motive powers. This is business like other so it is all normal but the moment here is that the development of Internet is shoving this industry in a wrong direction – but this is thesis I cannot arguments for, now, as it needs more time and special treatment.

The web hosting companies are competing each other not only in terms of advertising, attracting more clients, the implementation of new technologies – they are doing it now offline too – the HostingCon has became so popular that everybody wants to be part of it, every company want to be nominated for something, to sponsor something out of the hosting race, to change its look and put on some new and cool design. Some companies are going further and they are changing their business plan, even logos, slogans and messages.

The Industry Leaders – who are they and what they are doing:

RackSpace – Company I really admire, friendly look, terrific marketing strategy and planning.

Lunarpages – They are for years one of the business tops and there is no way to go down.

FortuneCity – It may be older than you 😉 , still on the wave and showing that to be aggressive is not a necessary thing.

Network Solutions – Another company who’s deals are not dependent on the mainstream.

GoDaddy – Good example from being the best of domain sellers, becoming one of the big web hosts.

IPowerWeb – They are just growing and without being that offensive.

1and1 – They know better than we do what is to sit on more than 2 chairs.

APlus – I do not keep any warm sympathies but they are still one of the best in business.

HostGator – Very aggressive, showing they have tons of potential to start advertising campaigns when and where ever they want.

Verio – Bigger that you can imagine, just look at the services range they offer.

There are just some of the biggest web hosting companies in the modern world, I can continue but I am in risk to miss someone, that is why I will stop here. This page will stay static and I will update it from time to time, will add companies, others that play their important part of this business and of course, if I change my mind about something that proved me wrong, I will post it here. Hope these not that well arranged reflections are useful to you and provoke you to consider the proper development of the web hosting industry.


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